How to Play

Some people are not aware how to play online poker with real money. Poker games is very easy to master. There are a lot of websites offers online poker games, even on social media like Facebook. An example of Facebook Poker is the Texas Hold’em Poker, which is also similar how to play it in other online sites.

How to Play Poker Online
For a starter, they should understand first and be familiar how to position the highest cards in order when playing poker games as show below:


Afterwards they also should comprehend the key of the game of online poker. In online poker games there are four buttons such as:

• Check
• Fold
• Raise
• All in

The function of Check button in online poker is to follow the game without placing the chips. Then the Fold button function as to stop to follow the game in first round. While the role of Raise button is to add the chips to make a bet. Last is the All in Button, which function as to add all the chips that are available on the table.